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“From the first class, I knew this was great. Karen is a wonderful teacher with a great sense of humor. I love Karen’s classes!”karen kelly rachel

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“Karen is an awesome Zumba instructor! Her routines are fun and easy to follow. I love her enthusiasm! I’m so glad that I found her classes. Zumba is now my favorite workout!”

“I really have had a great time in Zumba. Anyone can do this class. The steps have been easy to learn and I like that I can control how much of a workout I want. It’s fun, the best part is you don’t even realize you are working out.”

“I love that you can be yourself and move at your own pace. Zumba is a great class for all shapes, sizes, and ages!”

Karen is my favorite Zumba teacher! She is fun, energetic and enthusiastic, and an easy to follow consistent teacher who gets us to work each part of the body every class. She chooses fun songs and has a great contagious smile!”